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TERMS OF USE determines the rights and responsibilities of MS LOT INVEST customers (hereinafter referred to as "USER/YOU") and the MS LOT INVEST - forex investment system (hereinafter referred to as "SYSTEM/WE").


Please note that we may change any part of these terms at any time. We might notify you about changes implemented, but it is your sole responsibility to inform yourself about any changes by checking this document. We will always display the date of the last update in the top right corner of this page.


We are the owner of all intellectual property rights in MSLOTINVEST.COM website. Members may view, download, and print pages or other content from the website for their own personal use or for the promotion of MS LOT INVEST. It is not permitted to sell, rent, sub-license, reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise exploit material of MS LOT INVEST website for any purpose, other than personal or promotional.

MS LOT INVEST reserves the right to add or remove features and modify any functions of the system, edit or remove any material submitted to
MS LOT INVEST website, or stored on our servers, or hosted or published upon our website without any prior notice.





The user is required to register online in order to use MS LOT INVEST system. By registering to MSLOTINVEST.COM you agree to these terms and confirm that you have read and understood them and you give permission to MS LOT INVEST to process your personal data (with accordance of a privacy policy). You agree to accept emails regarding news and other facts concerning MS LOT INVEST. MS LOT INVEST will never use spamming.


Registration and management of your account are free of charge.


Your personal account will be created immediately after the registration confirmation through email. Access to the private area of the system will be granted instantly, available through logging in with username or email and password specified at registration.





We do not charge any fees or commissions.


In order to start trading, your account balance must be at least 0.01 LOT.

You may top up your account multiple times with as little as 0.000001 LOT.

You may open multiple accounts. Maximum deposit for each account is 2 LOTs.


There are two profit categories based on your account balance:


Account balance 0.01 - 20 LOT the maximum target profit is 10.8%

Account balance 20 - 48 LOT the maximum target profit is 14.4%


Withdrawal minimum is 0.1 LOT and can be carried out at the beginning of the new quartal in a maximum amount of 50% of the previous quarter profit.


The rest of the profit is automatically reinvested in the following quarter. The account balance can never be withdrawn.





You shall be responsible for keeping your password and username safe. You are strongly advised not to disclose your password to third parties. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from unauthorized access. Only user and nobody else is responsible for any migration or loss of funds.

It is very important to contact us immediately if you believe your Account has been compromised.

Two-factor authentication is available to you as an extra layer of security that you may turn on/off in your dashboard.





MS LOT INVEST does not offer refunds or guarantees of any kind.




- for loss of user's funds due to the system malfunction, unauthorized access, theft, force majeure, any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may occur in connection with 3rd parties


- for any failure to perform, delay in performance and for inability to fulfill our contractual duties due to circumstances that are beyond our control


We are unable to guarantee that MSLOTINVEST.COM will be always available to you without interruptions or free from errors.


We reserve the right to temporarily suspend the system for operational reasons.

The system is not responsible for the intentional and unintentional use of accounts by the user in illegal conducts.


YOU WILL BE LIABLE to us for all indirect or direct damage you have caused to us, e.g. for the following reasons:

a) You used the system in violation of the law or these terms.

b) You are harming or have damaged our reputation.

c) You caused legal disputes between us and third parties, including but not limited to infringement of copyrights or other intellectual property

We will always protect ourselves from liability for any breach of the Terms by you.





You have the right to request to close your personal account and to terminate these terms at any time but your deposits will not be returned.

If we suspect or have reason to believe that you breach these Terms, we may, at our sole discretion take action against you including but not limited to Limitation, Suspension or Termination of your Account and/or freezing your funds.

If you have any questions regarding these terms or MS LOT INVEST system, in general, you are welcome to contact us through our customer support.