MS LOT INVEST offers you Effortless and Safe Forex Trading

Tailor-made affordable investing which brings you long term earnings.

Broker's 20 years of experience and best trading software on the market makes a low-risk investment that results in immediate and continuous profit possible.

>> As soon as your account balance reaches the minimum amount of 0.1 LOT (125 US$), you may request the withdrawal. You may withdraw a maximum of 50% from the quarterly profit. This ensures longevity and ever-growing income. When you request the withdrawal, it will be transferred to you before the 5th calendar day in the new quarter.

>> The program automatically makes reinvestments every quarter 50% of your profit and the amount that was not requested for the withdrawal.

>> Investments can never be withdrawn, therefore you will keep earning forever.

>> You can deposit your investments in very little amounts. The minimum is 0.00000100 LOT (100 Micro LOTs = 0.001250 US$), but your first investment will be transferred to your balance and activated for trading only when the minimum of 0.01 LOT (12.5 US$) is reached. After this activation, all your new deposits will be added to your trading balance the first day of the month.

>> Maximum deposit is 2.00 LOT (2 500 US$).


Profits Targets

The profits are calculated quarterly.

>> If you invest during the first month of the quarter your profit will be calculated to 2/3 of that quarter.

>> If you invest during the second month of the quarter your profit will be calculated to 1/3 of that quarter.

>> If you invest during the third month of the quarter your earning will start in the next quarter and your profit will be calculated for the full quarter.

Profit target is based on account Balance.

account Balance   0.01 LOT to 20.00 LOT - maximum Quarterly Profit Target 10.8%

>> account Balance 20.00 LOT to 50.00 LOT - maximum Quarterly Profit Target 14.4% 

Current Quarterly Profit Targets are shown in Financial Details, the percentage in brackets.

When your account balance reaches 50.00 LOT (62 500 US$), the entire quarterly profit will be automatically transferred to your payout account.


Quarters are the following

Q1  = 01/01 - 30/03

Q2 = 01/04 - 30/06

Q3 = 01/07 - 30/09

Q4 = 01/10 - 30/12


Affiliate program

MS LOT INVEST created an affiliate program to reward the members who wish to recommend this investment opportunity to others. Active members receive 3% commission from the deposits.

Please note that inactive accounts will be deleted.

Affiliate Commissions from your:

- 1. line are 2% of the deposit
- 2. line are 1% of the deposit

Your earned commissions from affiliate program are automatically added to your balance and used in trading. 

There is no limit for the number of registrations from one IP. You can create accounts even for your kids.

If all this sounds good enough, let's see How You Can Start

Investments can be made only with LOT.

LOT is a stable coin that can be bought through its electronic wallet and exchange MS LOT BANK.

Click on MS LOT BANK banner, create your wallet and buy LOTs.

Register with MS LOT INVEST and confirm the registration through your email.

Log in to your account and find the deposit account to which you need to send your investment in the Financial Details section.

Things To Remember

>> Minimum investment to activate the trading is 0.01 LOT
>> You can start withdrawing from your profit as soon as your account balance reaches 0.1 LOT
>> Maximum allowed withdrawal is 50% of your quarterly profit
>> Quarterly profit will be automatically reinvested in the next quarter

>> When you reach 50.00 LOT (62 500 US$) in profit, the entire amount will be automatically transferred to your payout account

So what are you waiting for? Start now!

To learn the details about how this system works, read the PDF file in your prefered language.