There are a lot of opportunities to trade Forex.

You can trade yourself or copy the trades of other traders, but to do this, you need to be in the know, have large amounts to invest and take a high risk.

Don't fall into this category?

Well, most people don't. But stay cool, as today is your lucky day,


you've just came across Forex enthusiasts, that wish to give the opportunity to enter the largest marketplace in the world to EVERYONE. Especially to those that don't have trading experience or thousands of dollars to invest.

We know that real investment programs which would allow people to enter the trade with minimal funds actually don't exist,

and that's why we've created this unique investment opportunity.

No trading experience is required, you will invest how much you like and we guarantee that you will profit.

Are you wondering now, how can we be so confident that your account will be profitable?

Simply because we go with the best traders that use the cutting-edge software at Automata FX. We know them since 2000 and they have proved to us that they are the best in the field, they know what they are doing and their main goal is their customers' profit.

While other brokers see traders as likely losers and trade against them on B-Books, these guys will never trade against you as they are banking on you winning and being their client for years to come. And they are not a part of the FIFO mess. How cool is that?

Automata FX software is just unbeatable.

We checked out most of the “automated” trading programs found on the internet and they are nothing more than simple plug-in files for the MetaTrader trading platform, called EA’s or Expert Advisors. When the market conditions identified by the EA are met, MetaTrader will then open a trade – and that’s about it. Exiting from the trade is done either using a stop loss when the trade goes bad, or a simple trading stop when profit is reached. That’s pretty much all you get. There’s no trade management to speak of, and certainly no strategy to defend against a bad trade. True trading strategists understand that this simply isn’t enough to be profitable in the long run.

The AutomataFX is a complete, stand-alone automated trading platform, not optimized to any specific set of data. It incorporates an unlimited number of custom defined trading strategies. These strategies incorporate all sorts of mind-boggling tactics, including a variety of hedging techniques, mixed with truly unique dollar cost averaging techniques and of course, a “Trade Recovery” strategies, designed to trade you out of rough waters and into smooth profitable sailing. AutomataFX uses lots of techniques, based on decades of trading experience, and hundreds of thousands of hours of testing in all kinds of market conditions.

So, would you choose to trade with a brokerage that trades against you on a B-Book and plays games with your account and then celebrates when you lose your account,


would you trade with a brokerage that benefits from having your business for years to come and is so dedicated to being your partner, that it invests in technology designed for your profit?

We chose the latter. What about you?

I'm in on this with you. Sign me in!